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How to Choose Your Perfect Quinceanera Dress
Quinceanera celebration means one step closer to adulthood and an event where the Latin traditions you were taught for years will be highlighted. One of the most exciting parts of the Quinceanera is absolutely to wear a stunning dress! Here are some tips on how to choose your perfect Quinceanera dress!
Find a style that flatters you best.
1. If you are a short-stature girl, you will certainly want the dress to make you seem tall. It is advisable to avoid dresses with sheaths and those with full length skirts. Instead, go for cap sleeved dresses.
2. If you happen to own a full-figured body, you need to be extra careful while choosing the quinceanera dress. One of the suggested dress design for girls with such a figure is A-line dresses. A-line style will make you look slim. You can also go for an empire waist dress which will help you tactfully conceal your hips and stomach.
3. If your slightly larger buttock is giving you nightmares, remember not to fetch a pleated skirt. Wearing a tight bodice, revealing your shoulders and back is another idea you can go for. Also, even if you go for a V-neck or plunging neckline, your problem area would be the last thing that your guests would notice.
4. If large busts are what you are worried about, your best bet would be to go off-shoulder dresses. This will keep the emphasis off your chest and you can rest assured for the day.
Choosing the right color for your dress should not be overlooked.
1. Traditional Colors - Traditionally, quinceanera dresses are pink or white. A white Quinceanera dress allows you to use a variety of colored accessories, including sashes or shoes to add a pop of color to the dress.
2. Bright - Modern quinceanera dresses come in a variety of color palettes, including bright colors. Aqua, hot pink, orange and fuchsia are all examples of brightly colored quinceanera dresses. Bright colors are ideal choices during spring and summer quinceanera celebrations, since the seasons naturally feature a brighter, bolder color palette.
3. Themed Colors - Choose your dress color based on the theme of your quinceanera. Multicolored gowns can be customized to work with a particular color palette from the celebration, theme or personal interest.
Complete your look with matching accessories, and you will sure to look amazing for your Quinceanera celebration!
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